Originally Accrington and District Angler Association, the LFFA was established in the early part of the 20th century around 1909.

It has maintained a strong presence on the rivers in the North West promoting conservation, river improvement and affordable fishing.


Over the years, the club has had a considerable influence on those responsible for our rivers from the days of the Lancashire River Board, the Ribble Fisheries Association and Lune and Wyre Fisheries Board to the current Environment Agency. We will continue to work and lobby to offset the general decline of migratory species entering Hodder and Lune systems.


We own several substantial beats on the Lune and Hodder together with leases on prime water on Ribble and Hodder and promote fly fishing as the primary fishing method, although we allow spinning in certain conditions on some of our waters.


We are a club owned by its members and are committed to improving habitats, access and fishing on our waters. Joining the LFFA will give you an opportunity of fishing some wonderful water; you will become part of a progressive club with a strong sporting ethos whether you enjoy fishing for native Brown Trout and Grayling or Salmon and Sea Trout.

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