Membership to the club is currently restricted to 118 members. Maintaining this level of membership, ensures all our waters are very lightly fished, helping to preserve the habitat and fisheries.


Lancashire Fly currently has a few vacancies for new members.


Taster Day

Whether you are an experienced Fly Fisher or just wish to give fly fishing a go we can arrange for you a taster day on our waters.


If you are interested in Lancashire Fly Fishing Association and a taster day please contact our chairman Vincent Edmondson by email:


Membership Applications
Membership applications are welcomed, upon receipt of which you will be contacted by the Club Secretary. This will enable you to ask any questions and to receive more details of the club and its objectives. 


Junior members (11-16) nominated by a member are allowed to fish for a nominal sum.



The application form gives details of current costs for entry and annual subscription.


Please make cheques payable to: Accrington Anglers (Holdings) Ltd.


LFFA-Application-Form-2018-word (Attach to Email)

LFFA-Application-Form-2018-pdf (Print and Post)




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